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Softpaw the Fae Kitty's Journal

Life in a Flower Garden

Softpaw, the fae kitty of roses and columbine
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Hello hello I see you have found my little journal thing here. Welcome. I am Softpaw, Also know as the Fae Kitty.

I'm sure by now your wondering ..."what the heck is a Fae Kitty?" well its quite simple. Take your average normal Feline. Then take a Fairy. Meld the two together. and VIOLA you have a Fae Kitty. A magical Kitty cat with fairy wings. I personally have two forms. A full Kitty form where I am a Cream kitty with Rose, Lavender, periwinkle and gold wings. And a Anthropomorphic form *cat person* where I have long fine red hair, Cream fur and the same wings. You'll see that image in my user icons. Well the wings are the wrong color but one can only do so much *grins*

In person I've got long red hair Greeny blue eyes with Hazel around the pupil.

I am married to a wonderful man, I call him My Dragon. His Journal isadar.

I can be contacted in many ways, most are listed above this bio thing. And I am nearly ALWAYS on IRC on the irc.nightstar.net servers under the nick Softpaw, in my Roleplay channel #Gilded_Rose_Inn and its OOC channel #Gilded_Rose_ooc

I also live with my best friend apart from my Husband. His the coyote and his lj is turlock

I have fivecats, all girls, they mean the world to me.  They get mentioned a lot.

I can be found on Secondlife under the name Softpaw Sommer softpaw_sommer is where I post 99% of my secondlife photos I take. and I take a LOT. Just like in Real life. I have a photo taking bug.

I play a fairy at several renaissance faires. Look for Columbine the Cat Fairy at Oklahoma Ren Faire and Whitehart Ren faire.

Lesse I think that's about enough here.If you want go visit my, very out of date, webpage. There is TONS of stuff there including pictures, my artwork, and a collection of online fairy tales for your enjoyment. And most importantly, to me at least, my Rainbow Bridge Pages

  Due to things that have happened I have set my LJ to Friends only. You will need to leave a comment HERE if you would like me to consider adding you. Also you must add me to your journal as well. If you do not both comment AND add me I will not add you. And as I make NO none friends only posts adding me to your list is useless as there will be nothing that you can read, but plenty if you follow the simple rules above as I post daily. Also I may not add you back if I feel I would not be interested in your journal.</font>



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